Professor Permaul’s Biography

Nadesan Permaul (Nad) received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley in Political Science.  I have taught in the Rhetoric, Sociology, and Political Science Departments, upper division seminars and lecture courses that meet the American Cultures Requirement for the past twenty-three years.  My Master’s essay was done in the field of classical political theory, and was on the first book of Plato’s Republic, and how Plato’s rhetoric changes between the first book and the remainder of the dialogue.  My doctoral dissertation was done in the fields of American political theory and American literature of the 19th century.  The dissertation is entitled “Before the Days of Jubilee: The Search for Principles Underlying the European-American Founding, 1776-1859”. My dissertation committee was composed of Professors Norman Jacobson, Hanna Pitkin, and Michael Rogin in the Political Science Department.  Professor Richard Hutson of the English Department was on my Ph.D. Exam committee representing 19th century American literature, along with Professor Robert Kagan of the Political Science Department representing 19th Century Constitutional Law.

I also retired as a full-time administrator on the campus after 34 years.  My last position was Director of the A.S.U.C. Auxiliary, and worked previously in Berkeley in administrative roles between 1979 and June, 2011.  I was a freshman in the Fall of 1967 and have been at Cal in one capacity of another since that time, including as past President of the Cal Alumni Association and as Alumni Secretary of the Order of the Golden Bear.

My connection to Cal runs very deep.  I participated in the Freshman Rally Committee [“The Brick Muller Society] and the A.S.U.C. Elections Council as an undergraduate.  I participated in Cal-in-the-Capitol program working at the Library of Congress as a Junior.  As a young professional in the Department of Recreational Sports I was part of the staff that planned, ran a referendum to fund construction, and opened the building.  I was appointed for a period of years as the “Faculty” Advisor to the “Oski Committee.”  As Director of the Department of Parking and Transportation, I was responsible for planning and development of parking facilities at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Underhill Field and Parking Structure, the Agricultural complex, Lower Hearst Parking Structure, and for running three successful “Class Pass” referendums including the first one.  At the A.S.U.C. as Director of the Auxiliary I worked with student leaders to develop the referendum and elections strategy that resulted in the construction of the Lower Sproul Project after 25 years of futility.  I met my wife at the University as an undergraduate, and my son is a Cal graduate.  2017 is the 50th anniversary of my arrival at Berkeley, and will see my attendance at my 50th Big Game vs. Stanford.